The Glitter Obsession Continues..

So, of course, being the type of girl who is overly obsessed with glitter, I am writing yet another post on one of my favourite glitter brands. Glitter Eyes was one of the first blog posts I launched on my blog just over a year ago and they happen to still be my go-to for top of the range glitters at such amazing value. View Post

Turning Up The Heat…

As a current makeup obsessor, if I see an advert or an Instagram pic of a new eyeshadow palette or any makeup product for that instance, I will probably without a doubt have it in my basket ready to order within seconds. Now because I do own quite a lot of makeup anyway, once a week on this blog I hope to be able to review one makeup product I have been loving and with the amount of new palettes that have been released recently I have got quite a few to review for you all. By reviewing a makeup product that’s been an Instagram hit, I hope to make the decision easier on whether that palette/lipstick/highlighter is really worth your money! View Post

A Life Update; What’s Really Been Going On…

So over the past few months a lot of things have happened. Life has got in the way and I’ve forgotten what it was like to have the time to sit, review a product or give a tutorial on a favourite look i’ve created and post it on here. Due to everything being up in the air, changes to my personal life and job I have neglected something I loved so much and was so proud of creating. To finally get back into it will be what matters the most to me, therefore this post is dedicated to explaining why I needed to take a break from blogging and it’d mean the world to me if you could sit down and give my post a read.. View Post

Going On A Skincare Journey..

To kick off my blog again I’m going to be producing a series of posts related to one of my biggest concerns right now which is my skincare regime. I am going to be reviewing some latest skincare purchases, I’ll be writing a post on whether to save or splurge when it comes to buying skincare and a little inside scoop on how i’m learning how to clear my skin up. So if you’re in the same boat and need some skincare SOS or just want to try out some new products keep your eye out this month for my skincare series. View Post

That Festival Feeling….

Ya girl is FINALLY back on the blogging scene!! So after I hit a wall with my self esteem, my stress levels and a lot of things that have happened recently, I’m so pleased to finally be sat here writing this blog post and feeling almost myself again. So what better way to kick start my blog again than to review my new found love for glitter festival looks and a brand I have come across recently! For any festival lovers and Glitter obsessors (just like me) I know you are going to LOVEEE the brand Festival Face I have found onĀ Beauty Bay. View Post