Tricks And Tips I’ve Learnt So Far…

Tricks And Tips I’ve Learnt So Far…

Now I must admit, i am no beauty guru but I’m definitley all about making my life – and yours – as easy as possible when it comes to makeup and beauty! I have a small list of tips and tricks I’ve found have helped me and I hope will help you!

1. The way to long, thick lashes without the falsies: So if you are wishing for long, thick lashes that are full of volume but can’t afford an eyelash lift/extension, my tip? Buy yourself a tub of original Vaseline (not the stuff for your lips) that can be found in Tesco for £2. Before you go to sleep, use an eyelash or eyebrow comb to coat your lashes in the Vaseline, go get some beauty sleep then wake up in the morning and voila! Long, thick eyelashes restored back to their full flirty length, amazing right?

2. How to grow your hair out quicker then you think: We’ve all been there when we’ve had that awful haircut after taking months to grow it (trust me I know) Well after doing myresearch i came across a little hack, known as “The Inversion Method”. When brushing hair tip your head upside down and brush it, starting at the bottom of the hair then work your way up. Do this every morning and it should start to grow between 1-2 inches each week! This is because it boosts your circulation causing the blood flow to your roots and giving it a kick-start to grow!

3) How to smell good all day and night: You just can’t beat smelling good with your favourite perfume or scent but most of the time it wears off after an hour of being out. So I did my research and found two ways. The first tip is to use Vaseline to then rub it into your skin on your wrist and neck before spraying your go to perfume. The scent will stick to those areas of your skin longer than it normally would due to the Vaseline on the skin. Then another tip is to spray your hairbrush with the chosen perfume,  brush your hair like you normally would, and it will stay smelling of that scent every where you go! So simple but so affective!

4) How to get luscious curls in under 30 minutes for long hair: so you’ve got a hot date tonight and want to curl your hair and if you’re anything like me, having long hair and curling it is the name of my life! The trick is to tip your head over and scoop your hair up into a high ponytail on the top of your head, then taking a curling wand or straighteners take each strand like you would normally. Once each strand in the ponytail has been curled take the ponytail out and look! The bottom of your hair is curled in under half an hour and looking absolutely beaut – date ready!

This was only a short post as I felt yesterday’s post was very long but hopefully you enjoy reading them either way! Let me know in the comments below if you try any out or have any of your own, I’d love to find some more!

Elle x


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