Beauty On A Budget…

Beauty On A Budget…

Now I know a lot of the makeup I post is rather expensive and trust me it kills me when I find a product I absolutely love but breaks my bank balance every time I purchase it. So I went out today into Superdrug and set myself the challenge of spending no more than £20 on enough makeup as I could under that budget to complete a full face of makeup. Not only does it help those beginners out there who are just developing their makeup addiction, but it gives some options that are A HELL OF a lot cheaper than most I find!

1. Collection Naturally Matt £2.99

So starting off with the basics, I browsed through so many drugstore foundations and I could’ve easily gone for a Rimmel, L’Oréal even maybelline foundation. But I came across this foundation and looked at the price tag and couldn’t believe my eyes, a foundation for £2.99?! Now I must admit the coverage could’ve been a lot better and probably is more suited to someone who prefers a more natural finish whereas I am all about full coverage because this girl is covered in imperfections for sure. However the foundation itself, it’s a mouse like formula goes on so easily and is perfect for people just getting into makeup. It’s not cakey or too thick but is so bendable with a natural finish, its perfect for every day. But it’s definitely an easy foundation for the beginners out there, just wasn’t the foundation for me unfortunately!

2. Collection Lasting perfection concealer £4.19

Now you already know how much I love this concealer as it is one of my must haves and goes literally everywhere with me – seriously if you haven’t got this concealer go and get it like now?! The coverage is absolutely amazing, it stays all day long and I just can’t get enough of it for the price especially!

3. Makeup Revolution Pressed Powder £2.00

At first glance I didn’t think much of this powder until I applied it and the coverage it gives you, how easily it slides onto your face and the formula of it – I was seriously impressed! This powder has the quality of a more expensive powder you’d buy online or from a more high end brand but it’s costs no more than £2. It sets your makeup, builds up coverage over the foundation and doesn’t go on cakey or too thick. It’s perfect in my eyes!

4. Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter – Peach Lights £3.00

So let me just talk about this S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G highlighter. I doubted this product so much for the price, but I was beyond impressed by the gorgeous glow this gives you. The colour pigmentation is the kind you would expect from say a highlighter from Anastasia Beverly Hills or any other high end brands, but for £3.00 – its insane! I am so into that glow at the moment so to find a highlight that is so cheap but such an intense colour without looking too chalky or glittery it is a must have!

5. Collection Eyes Uncovered Palette – Nudes £3.99

This eyeshadow is an absolute beauty hidden in the shelves upon shelves of expensive, high end makeup. When I first spotted these in superdrug i didn’t think anything of a cheap, 5 colour eyeshadow palette but when i started to create the smokey eye look, I was so intrigued by the quality of the shadows. The eyes uncovered palettes are so underrated in my eyes i mean you’re paying £4 for 5 eyeshadows that are so pigmented, blend so easily and have such a wide range of colours for one look. To me it is so amazing to come across such a cheap but high quality product that is perfect for absolutely anyone. You can create so many looks with this one palette, I know it’s going to be kept in my travel makeup bag for sure!

6. Miss Sporty Fabulous Lash Xtra Black £2.99

I must admit I have never owned anything by Miss Sporty so I was so curious to see the mascaras they had to offer then I saw the price tag, a mascara that costs £2.99 can’t be that great can it? I was wrong, so so wrong. This mascara is extremely black, it lengthened my lashes whilst keeping them separated and thin, it didn’t clump them together or make the lashes stick to each other giving them such a nice lift in length. I am so infatuated with this mascara for the price it is, I think it’s just become one of my go to mascaras for my everyday makeup – yes it’s that good!

7. MUA lipstick shade 11 £1.00

As I soon started to realise I didn’t have much left in my budget, I realised I couldn’t leave my lips out (of course). So I had a browse in the MUA section of superdrug and came across this lipstick. When looking at the shade I thought it was the perfect dusty rose nude lipstick and would compliment the look i wanted to create but I must admit now I was so disappointed with this lipstick and the colour on my skin – but then again for £1.00 I can’t be that disappointed surely? I am in no way commenting on the brand as a whole or the quality of their other products it just so happens that this lipstick just wasn’t the one for me. I wanted to be as honest as I could with these products so please don’t hate on me for disliking this lipstick! Now saying that, although I didn’t suit the shade of the lipstick, the pigmentation from the colour was probably the only impressive thing I found. So I can imagine if I went back and browsed some more there may be a shade in their lipstick range that i am going to love. £1.o0 for a lipstick though? I just couldn’t say no to that!

So altogether it cost me £15.48 because of current offers on in superdrug – what a bargain is all i can say! I absolutely loved this challenge I set myself and found it so much fun to delve into the shelves of brands I probably wouldn’t of thought of buying. But it just proves you can find a whole lot of treasure for half the price! So if you ever find yourself in Superdrug or boots, set yourself a budget and explore the brands see what products you pick up and complete a makeup look using those products – you may just find your new must haves! I hope you enjoyed reading this post and found it fun to read, let me know your thoughts in the comments below if you do try it. That’s it for today so speak soon Lovelies!

Elle x



  1. January 31, 2017 / 11:23 pm

    The highlighter looks incredible! I need to buy it! Lovely blog post! Mind following my blog if you aren’t already? xxxx

    • January 31, 2017 / 11:24 pm

      I know it’s absolutely amazing! And Thankyou so much, yes of course xxxx

      • January 31, 2017 / 11:26 pm

        I am going to pop into superdrug after college tomorrow and treat myself! No problem! Thank you lovely, keep up the amazing work xxxxx

        • January 31, 2017 / 11:37 pm

          Aw Thank you so much, and you!xxxxx

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