How I Spent All My Money in London..Part One

How I Spent All My Money in London..Part One

As I am a girl who will quite literally shop till I drop, I was more than happy to spend the day shopping on Oxford Street in London. There’s just something about jumping on the underground and catching the tube to wherever that I find so much fun. Now what better way to spend some quality time with my mum, auntie and my little cousin than walking down the hustle and bustle of one of London’s best shopping spots and spending all our money?! I thought since I’ve had a few busy weeks recently I will upload a bit of a different post. So this one is going to give you all an insight into everything I brought in London on Monday!

I’m going to break it into two posts as it may go on a bit! First post will be the clothing and Fashion items and then the second post will be on the beauty products I picked up!
Starting with fashion:

The first shop we decided to take a look in  was H&M and within seconds I was in love with the new season. As soon as I laid my eyes on this shirt I was in love but I just knew I wouldn’t suit it nor would it look right on. Despite this I tried it on anyway and I was over the moon when I realised this gorgeous blue and white striped shirt looked somehow nice on me!! It is a simple boxy styled shirt with white pale buttons with this gorgeous floaty style sleeve, which at first glance did put me off until I tried it on of course. It also has an embroided quote on the front of the shirt which says “never look back” and I absolutely love it. It’s simple, flattering for my body shape and it looks so elegant and pretty – I love love love it!

Blue white pinstripe shirt with quote £19.99

The second item I purchased was a basic dusty rose coloured tshirt with a quote on the neckline of “girls bite back”. You can probably tell that I’m really into items of clothing with quotes on but I just love the simplicity and minimalistic style at the moment and I think H&M have so many cute clothes in at the minute for such a good prices! This tshirt is so comfy, it’s loose cotton material that I find is so flattering on anyone and is perfect for long days at college and for £6.99, it’s a cute bargain!  Dusty pink basic tshirt £6.99
The third item I picked up just like the blue shirt, was one that as soon as I laid eyes on it I knew I needed it. This gorgeous thick blanket style scarf has a similar pattern of a cow’s skin with patches of malt brown and white with the colours dunning down into tassels all along the edge of the scarf. I have to admit £14.99 for a scarf seems over the top but let me tell you, it is the best thing I have brought scarf wise. It’s warm, cosy and so soft I could happily fall asleep curled up in this (which I’m trying hard not to do whilst typing this up in the car). I am so in love with this so well done H&M you have impressed me for the first time ever!

Thick malt brown white blanket scar £14.99

The next shop we visited was Primark and  this is when we all went a bit mad. First things first, I finally picked up a new pair of blue jeans – hallelujah! After walking around in my year old Joni jeans because I refused to part with them, I realised I had to give them up when the rip on the inner thigh started to grow and grow. Jeans in my eyes are boring and dull to talk about so I won’t go into much detail. All I will say is if you’re looking for super skinny, soft stretchy high waisted jeans like the Joni jeans we all know and love but for half the price, go to primark asap. I picked up mine for £8 and I am so happy I finally found a cheaper alternative!

After primark we visited New Look and I am so happy with this purchase. I’ve noticed recently the latest style is old band tshirts with a bit of twist, the front of the tshirt are cut in a triangle giving it that distressed, edgy finish to a simple tshirt. I must admit I’m not a band tshirt kind of girl but when I saw this I instantly wanted to own it. It’s so comfy and simple yet has the cut out front which avoids the basic tshirt style. 

So that’s everything I picked up Fashion wise, if you want to read about the beauty side of my London shopping haul then keep your eyes peeled for a post that will be going up shortly!

Elle x


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