How I Spent All My Money In London..Part Two

How I Spent All My Money In London..Part Two

If you happened to of read the part one of this post then you’ll know this post is dedicated to all the beauty products I picked up in London the other day. If you haven’t then why haven’t you?! – only kidding. Anyway if you’re more interested in beauty and have a keen interest in what beauty products I purchased then this post is for you!

Now as i’ve mentioned before I’m all about finding dupes, purchasing products under a budget and looking for cheaper alternatives. So when I came across this foundation paddle like brush in the beauty section of Primark, I thought great a dupe for the Iconic London brushes i’ve been eyeing up for a few months now! I picked this brush up for £4 and let’s just say for the price, I am beyond impressed. I shall be uploading a battle of the applicators in conjunction with my new silisponge purchase and my trusty real techniques beauty blender so keep those eyes peeled for a full review on these! 

The next item I picked up in the beauty section was the perfect nudey-pink nail polish and for 90p?! I seriously did not expect it to be that great for the application, the drying time and the lasting power but let’s just say I will for sure be picking up more nail polishes from primark in the future. It is A-M-A-zing!! 

The final two items my auntie very kindly purchased as gifts for me and surprised me with was two bits for my newly decorated room! Primark Home section is probably my new found heaven, I fell in love with the bamboo prints, the velvet cushions and bedding to then the small quirky bits, I just wish I could’ve brought it all (maybe if i won the lottery). I was very kindly gifted this gorgeous white china pineapple trinket tray which was perfect for me and my room also the perfect place to put all my new birthday jewellery! Then as an even bigger surprise I picked out this gorgeous velvet dark grey cushion that will go perfect with my new colour scheme – yay!!!

Of course being on Oxford Street a trip into the massive Lush was a must so I dragged my poor mum just like the other poor parents into this magical place full of bubbles, laughter and scents that fills your noses the second you walk in. I knew the one item i definitely needed after having dry, cracked lips for so long was the bubblegum lip scrub. Now when i say this product is heaven in a jar – I literally mean it’s heaven. It is a small jar of candy floss flavoured sugar that you use to rub onto your lips and it will help to remove any dry patches and stopped them from becoming chapped. It has become my life saviour and it’s edible?! The other thing I picked up was of course a bath bomb but as I was on Oxford Street I knew I needed to pick up one that was exclusive to that store because how often am I in Lush here, not often enough that’s for sure! I picked up the Cyanide Pill which smelt very much like Sherbet which took me instantly back to my childhood when I would just go crazy for Dib Dabs (and I still do). It is shaped quite literally like a yellow and white pill and I am so excited to try this bath bomb!

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The last shop I went into was Boots as I was kindly gifted a Boots Gift card for my birthday and thought for months i’ve been wanting to purchase more drugstore lip products, so this was the perfect opportunity. I picked up first one of the new “Only 1″ matte lipsticks for £6.99” from Rimmel London. The colour I went for was a dusty rose pink lipstick as I have found myself picking up the same old beige nudes again and again – so why not switch it up and go pink? The next lipstick I picked up was from the Kate Moss Nude collection for £5.49 and yes I know, typical Elle picking up a nude lipstick. But again this nude was lighter than I expected meaning it’s perfect for everyday wear, fab right? I absolutely love finding absolute treasures hidden in Boots or Superdrug and I think I found them on that shopping trip. If you were to look into my lip collection you would find a number of the “Matte Me” liquid lipsticks which are £4.99 from sleek because I fell in love with the shade “birthday suit” and have purchased more and more every time I run out. So when I saw this purple shade I thought I would go out of my comfort zone and go for my first purple shade liquid lipstick. I must admit with one layer it isn’t as pigmented as I had hoped but when you apply the second layer all is right again and these aren’t drying in the slightest. They’re the perfect liquid lipsticks to start off with if you’re new to the world of matte!

So finally we’ve come to the end of my haul and I hope it hasn’t been too long to read, I will be picking up writing more blog posts and becoming active again so please bare with me! I hope it’s been fun to see all the small bits I picked up and as always if you have any requests, feedback or just fancy a chat then feel free to comment below! Again thank you for reading and will speak soon lovelies!

Elle x


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