Something To Get Excited Over..

Something To Get Excited Over..

Well it’s an exciting time for me and my blog as I can officially say I am an affiliate for some brands which include Feel Unique, Cloud10 beauty and some other brands that I am yet to confirm. I will be including some promotional codes, offers and voucher codes for you all to be able to use when ordering with these brands.

Now in no way am I going to lie to make the brands look good, I am going to stay as honest as possible and have chosen brands I have used myself with my own money and have nothing but good things to say about them. I am so happy to be able to offer these codes as it will help all of you to save money, try out products I will be reviewing from these brands and using the brands services for yourselves.

I will continue to do budget beauty posts, find gems in sales and offers on a website and provide dupes I have found so I will not be just using these brands for promotion reasons. I hope by giving these codes I am helping anyone who is just getting into makeup or is a big makeup lover but like me can’t afford all the big brands out in the makeup world. I really hope you can continue to support me and my blog and see for yourselves that I will be staying true to myself and the nature of my blog whilst offering discounts to anyone who wants to treat themselves on payday or any day of the month!

This was a short blog post but I wanted to write this post to explain to you all why there will be new Ads on my blog and why I may include codes in my posts when I have purchased with my own money a product using these brands! So I am over the moon to have this opportunity and I look forward to giving you lovely people a chance to save some pennies!!!

Elle x


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