Beauty on Cloud 10..

Beauty on Cloud 10..

With loads of Makeup brands, products and services out on the market I really struggle with finding the perfect place to shop for my makeup and skincare essentials. Recently I came across Cloud10 Beauty and discovered another place to shop one of my favourite brands, Morphe! I made an order with some new brushes I have been eyeing up and a palette that is perfect for travelling!

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When on the website I made a search for some blending brushes as I’m sadly going off my current Morphe blending brush. Whilst doing this search for brushes I came across the best thing EVER. I could finally purchase the Spectrum brushes  – Hallelujah!! I have been wanting the Spectrum B06 blending brush since forever but they always seem to be out of stock on beauty bay but alas it was in stock on this website and that baby went straight into my basket.


The Spectrum B06 Blending Brush £4.95 is a tapered blending brush used to blend out eyeshadows in the outer cover, above the crease or all over the lid. The softness of this brush enables you to blend shadows together like a DREAM! It is by far my most used brush out of my collection and I cannot fault it. When cleaning the brush it does not shed or lose it’s shape so in I am in love with spectrum brushes!


The second spectrum brush I chose was the Precision Crease Brush A16 £3.95 and just like the brush above, I have fallen in love completely. Recently I have been trying (failing) to up my game in creating eyeshadow looks that involve cut creases and the halo crease I tried to create recently. With this brush it almost made it a whole lot easier for me as a beginner for these complicated looks, using the brush i could create the perfect cut crease line and a halo crease with the shadows I use. Another use for this brush I found is that it’s easy to use for applying shadow on the lower lash line and smudging it out creating the perfect shadow look.  For the price, I am blown away by the brand and the quality of both brushes.


Next on my order are the two Morphe brushes that look almost identical but have very different uses. The first one is the Tapered Blending Brush M505 £5.95 which is the fluffier brush of the two. I have found more uses for this brush than just blending eyeshadow, it is the perfect brush for highlight!! Using my favourite highlighters I can use this brush to brush it on and get the right amount of product on my cheeks, nose and under my brow bone. It transfers the product evenly and when using it for shadows it diffuses the shadows i’ve used on my outer corner and blends them together so well.


The next brush I chose is a lot thinner and smaller than the one above although they look very similar. The Pointed Blender Brush M411 £4.95 can be used to blend out the thin line you create for a cut crease to stop any harsh lines and is a lot more accurate to create a shape using shadows. For example using black liner you can create a fake winged look with a softer edge to it because of the thinner brush head and with a more pointed tip I find this makes cut creases easy as a normal eyeshadow look. Morphe never fails to disappoint me and these have become my new favourites from the brand.

The last product I came across was the Morphe Natural Beauty Palette 12 NB – Pick Me Up Collection £13.95. This palette is just absolutely stunning for the price, the shadows like morphe shadows always do, blend like an absolute dream and the pigmentation is always there. I was a bit skeptical about this product because I love their 32 shadow palettes but have never seen the need to buy any of the 12 shadow palettes because of the smaller quantities. However Morphe have proved me wrong and it is so worth it, I can create a whole look using this palette and it is so small and lightweight I know this is going to become a must have when travelling. I will be posting an eye look using this palette and these brushes very soon so stay tuned!

So as this is a review of Cloud10 beauty, my overall comments are nothing but positive. The fast delivery, the prices for these products and the customer service is not what I expected. Recently they have updated their site with the skincare brand Ordinary and I am hoping to be making an order through Cloud10 to pick up some of the products. So that’s another blog post to get excited over right?? If I have inspired you to take a look on the website click on the banner below or any of my links and check it out for yourself! They often have discounts, sales and offers so always look back to see! So that’s the end of this blog post finally and I hope to pick up writing blog posts more once I get all this coursework out the way, anyone else feeling the struggle of school, sixth form, college or uni, you just know right? As always if you have any comments, questions or just fancy a chat all my social media are linked to the right and the comment section is below so drop me a comment if you want! Speak soon loves!!




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