TOTALLY Obsessed..Current Go To Eyeshadow Palettes..

TOTALLY Obsessed..Current Go To Eyeshadow Palettes..

Month after month there are new products released into the beauty world and I must admit it can get slightly overwhelming. With so many eyeshadow palettes on the market right now it can get hard to know what ones are worth the money and which ones are just a bit ‘meh’. I thought instead of bombarding you all with reviews of brand new products all the time I would write a blog post I know I definitely needed to read before purchasing some palettes. So read on if you want to be in on the secret of what palettes I have been using on a daily basis and what my go to’s really are…

To start off with I wanted to talk about brands that I think have some of the best eyeshadows that i’ve personally tried. Now I haven’t tried many so in no way am I saying all those other brands with eyeshadow palettes are rubbish I’m simply going by the brands and palettes I use and love.


So budget wise,  I could rave about Morphe and their products day after day and quite frankly I will never stop loving this brand. I do own two eyeshadow palettes from them but with knowing the quality of the shadows I know I will soon be purchasing more. Although I do own two the palette I have been using for every day at college is the 12 eyeshadow palette that I recently mentioned in my latest blog post after purchasing it on cloud10 beauty. As I started off just watching youtube tutorials and not really knowing what I was doing with the only Morphe brush I had and the 35T palette, with the quality of the shadows and the ease of creating even the basic of looks I was beyond impressed. It actually made learning how to create certain looks as I improved a whole lot better for my experience and I even enjoyed creating looks on my own mum (poor thing right?) because I was just beyond obsessed with the colours and the quality of them. With the Morphe Natural Beauty Palette 12 NB – Pick Me Up Collection £13.95 it is so small and compact which is perfect for travelling and with the natural shades I find it so easy to blend the matte shades then combine with the shimmer shades, within minutes I can create the most basic look so hello more sleep in the mornings!!!

My next two palettes are also from one of my favourite higher end brands. They both retail at £39 which i know is expensive but I wouldn’t be raving about them if I didn’t think they were worth splashing the cash but i’m sure if you’ve read my other posts you will know that Too Faced Eyeshadow Palettes are what I obsess over. You all know the drill with how I feel about the chocolate bar palette but if you’re new to my blog and are curious about what the fuss is about, I did a whole review on the Chocolate bar palette so check it out here. But a newbie has fallen into my collection which my wonderful mum kindly got me for my 18th and it has become a new love. The Too Faced Sweet Peach palette is a collection of pinks, golds, browns, olive green and the odd colour on the end row. The colour selection is perfect for spring and summer and with the quality of the shadows I have been obsessed with creating smokey peach eye looks and haven’t once been disappointed with how they’ve turned out. I will be uploading a tutorial using the palette this week as I finally have more free time – hallelujah!!

To finish this post off I couldn’t not talk about the Modern Renaissance Palette as this palette, well it is the palette of my dreams!!! The colours literally scream my name whenever I look at them. The shadows feel like butter on your fingers they’re so smooth and beyond easy to blend. At £41.00 this palette had better be good though right? The colour selection is the most beautiful thing, from nudes, browns and oranges to deep pinks and deep reds it just makes me go all heart eyed for sure. When it comes to using the palette and creating looks its almost fool proof, you can create endless looks with the selection of colours available making it such a versatile palette. If you haven’t got this palette put it on your wish list, put it in your cart, beg your parents with those puppy eyes or just go all out and buy it now because when I say you need this, girl I mean you need it!

So that is the end of this blog post which I finally managed to find time to write, I am slacking so bad at the minute I know but can we all just take a deep breath at the fact I am finally on holidays and that means more blog posts!! If you want to see any tutorials using these palettes please comment below or drop me a message – whatever you want to see, request request request!

Speak soon lovelies!



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