Let’s Get Down And Personal…

Let’s Get Down And Personal…

Being an 18 year old girl now, I know us girls go through hell and back on a monthly basis right from a young age of 11-13. This post is going to be a bit different to my usual makeup and beauty posts to give myself bit of a breather from it all to be quite honest. I have been wanting to talk about the problems I have faced through my teenage years, how I coped with them and how I mainly struggled. If you’re a teenager yourself, a pre teen or even in your thirties, whatever your age I know that every girl has experienced something along these lines so please carry on reading below…

Now let’s talk periods. That awful time of the month where we all want to hide in our beds through the whole thing, we stuff our faces with stuff we know isn’t really comforting us yet we all call it comfort eating. We cry over nothing, we get so angry we don’t even know why and we could easily start world war three with whoever crosses our paths at this time of the month and it’s all down to our lovely lady bits down there. God I hate being a girl sometimes.

I was 11 years old, going to a birthday party and staying away from home when my wonderful body decided “hey maybe today should be the day she starts her period” and thats exactly what happened. I had no pads, no tampons, no experience and no mother’s comfort. It was a complete and utter nightmare and nothing could of prepared me for that dreaded day because I was one of the first out of my class to start. I think for me the worst thing was not being able to do anything about it so all I could do was run to the toilet and cry over what was happening to me down there and why it had to start now. But as I grew up I learnt how to deal with my heavy periods in my own way and actually we’re very lucky now that there are services like Betty.me that offer monthly subscriptions for £6.99. Betty me is a service for girls and their periods that you can tailor to you with pads or tampons and it comes with a little goody box of treats that help to make your period tolerable.  It’s definitely a service thats worth looking into for girls of all ages even for the ladies, check it out!

So if you are a pre-teen or a late bloomer in your young teens, don’t feel embarrassed, don’t freak out it’s natural and it’s going to happen to every girl in your class not just you. Periods are the absolute worst and if there are any boys reading this thinking how gross it sounds, well let’s just say you’re the lucky ones. The best thing my mum would always do whenever it was that time was to stock up on my favourite thick pads (i’m a heavy type of girl if you know, you know), she would stock up on my favourite biscuits and send me to bed with a hot water bottle. Knowing i was comfy, cosy and covered on the period part made the whole duration a whole lot more tolerable. So for me, if I was reading this as my pre teen self I would know not to be embarrassed, to know that once it’s happened I can prepare myself and I would know that it’s okay if I leak or if my period is heavier than my friends because everyone is different but we all have periods, it’s human and it’s normal.

I thought this would be a different blog post to my normal ones and if it’s enjoyable to read then I may start writing a personal post every week alongside my beauty ones including my weight loss journey and the skin problems I’m facing currently so let me know in the comments below if that’s what you’d like. So tomorrow i’ll be resuming the beauty posts with a tutorial using the modern renaissance palette, stay tuned!

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