A Good Old Scrub..

A Good Old Scrub..

So it’s nearly that time of the year, the sun will come out meaning more skin will be on show and the desire for smooth, soft tanned skin grows. The secret behind having skin like that? The new hype that is body scrubs in sachets. Easy to travel with, simple to use yet with the best results. So in this post I am going to be reviewing my two favourite body scrubs that aren’t going to break the bank whilst giving you that glowing skin you desire.


So the first body scrub I purchased was a big hype on Instagram from the brand Frank Body, normally I don’t fall for the ‘instagram’ hypes because I feel sometimes it’s really not worth wasting the money but the thought for me of having a body scrub that will give me soft, smooth skin ready for the holiday I went on last summer. One big problem with both body scrubs though is the big mess it leaves so what i’d recommend is to only use the scrub in the shower/bath to avoid the coffee scrub going everywhere. 18516869_1346519238767182_411055053_o

Now i’ve been using this scrub for over a year but didn’t find as much use for it in the winter however I do wish I had take more care of my skin over those cold months because no one wants dry, rough pale skin right? But when this girl needed to tan, let’s just say my skin was the perfect texture for it to glow after being out in the sun all day on holiday. So after seeing a few people rave over the scrubs on instagram I decided to take a look at the website and the scrubs for sale. As I was very skeptical of the instagram hype I thought i’d take a look at the Original scrub. On the website it explains The Frank Body scrub Original is a blend of Roasted and Robusta Coffee Beans, Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E and Sea Salt. It explains the creator behind the body scrub and how it became a big thing, “This is what made me the man I am today: My original special blend of nature ingredients to scrub away dry, flaky skin, leaving you feeling soft and supple.” Another big bonus for this scrub is that it is completely vegan friendly and the Original scrub is priced at £12.95 which may not be as cheap as it could be but believe me when I say it’s value for money. So do I believe in this instagram hype? Yes i do!


The second scrub is a more recent product I have discovered and been using after receiving it in this month’s Look Fantastic box which I shall be reviewing towards the end of this month. Scrub Love is a brand that has recently been brought into the beauty world and can be found on the Beauty Bay website. The brand are known for their range of body scrub’s with all different ingredients and scents. My absolute favourite happens to be this one, the Coconut Cranberry scrub because it has a lot more moisture and feels so much nicer on the skin than the coffee scrub above. I absolutely love the scent of this as it is refreshing but not overpowering, it leaves my skin smelling of the cranberry scent and I found my skin felt more hydrated and soft than using the Frank Body scrub. I am in love with this product and it’s even better that I received it in the beauty box subscription. Each scrub on the website is priced at £13.95 and I feel it’s a very fair price to pay for something that has made my skin look and feel so soft, bright and smooth.


So this is my small blog post covering the instagram hype of Body scrubs to achieve smooth, soft and glowing skin ready for tanning season! when it comes to repurchasing I think I will go for the scrub love products however there are some new Frank Body products that look amazing and I’m excited to treat myself to some as they are a bit out of my budget for body products. In terms of value for money I would say if you’re wanting to try a scrub out I would take a look on Beauty Bay or Look Fantastic and view the range from Scrub Love and all the different types of scents they have available. Now I am soon to be finishing education for good but I still have just under 4 weeks left of stress, work and getting creative so I ask you all to just stick with me until I have my life back on track and I hope to become a lot more active once I finish education for good. I am excited to take blogging to the net step and to focus more on my content and how active I am each week but unfortunately education is my priority and I hope all you lovely people understand that.

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Speak soon Lovelies!



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