That Festival Feeling….

That Festival Feeling….

Ya girl is FINALLY back on the blogging scene!! So after I hit a wall with my self esteem, my stress levels and a lot of things that have happened recently, I’m so pleased to finally be sat here writing this blog post and feeling almost myself again. So what better way to kick start my blog again than to review my new found love for glitter festival looks and a brand I have come across recently! For any festival lovers and Glitter obsessors (just like me) I know you are going to LOVEEE the brand Festival Face I have found on Beauty Bay.

On one of my favourite websites I use to shop for beauty buys, I came across the brand “Festival Face” and their single pots of chunky glitter. This was after hours of searching for some good quality glitter pots so that I could finally get ma glitter on! With this whole glitter on the face for festivals and parties this summer, I was desperate to join in on the instagram-worthy trend. So when I saw these pots for £4.00 each!!!! I knew these were the pots I needed in my life to begin practising this trend.

For the past two weekends, I work in a Cosmetics Company store and we have had “sassy weekends”, so what better opportunity to show off my new glitter than the chance to rock up to work with the theme of “glitz and glam” and “summer loving”. The compliments I received from both my colleagues and customers were endless and I couldn’t believe how easy it was to achieve these looks.

To create these looks above, to start I used the NYX glitter primer which I picked up in Boots for £8.00 and this has meant my glitter has slayed all day long. I used a mixture of glitters to create two triangles under my eyes and another look with “glitter highlight” so instead of my normal glow I had glitter all on my cheeks and it looks S-T-U-N-NING on any skin tone, skin shape and skin type. I just can’t believe how easy it was to achieve these looks!


So the colours I picked up are:

  • Cinnamon Toast – a beige under tone glitter with pinks, blues
  • Pink champagne – Pink glitter with yellow
  • Silver Gal – Holographic silver with blues, yellows and pinks
  • Copper Tan – Solid Copper undertones



    So I am over the moon to be back blogging and writing about the things I love and whats new on the beauty scene to keep you all up to date! I am obsessed with these glitters and I love coming across brands that are high quality but inexpensive prices and I can’t wait till my next discovery. Go grab your Festival Face glitter, your sunglasses and wellies and get Festival ready!! Until next time lovelies, thank you so much for continuing to support me through such a hard time and for still sticking around, I am back and (hopefully) better than ever!








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