A Life Update; What’s Really Been Going On…

A Life Update; What’s Really Been Going On…

So over the past few months a lot of things have happened. Life has got in the way and I’ve forgotten what it was like to have the time to sit, review a product or give a tutorial on a favourite look i’ve created and post it on here. Due to everything being up in the air, changes to my personal life and job I have neglected something I loved so much and was so proud of creating. To finally get back into it will be what matters the most to me, therefore this post is dedicated to explaining why I needed to take a break from blogging and it’d mean the world to me if you could sit down and give my post a read..

Growing up during school and exams, I never could handle pressure and stress that well so it always took a hard toll on me and my mental health. At eighteen years old, looking back now I know that no matter how many times I struggled with the pressure to achieve the best and constantly worrying that my best was never good enough, I have been successful. I have FINALLY passed my driving test, brought my first car and I have been promoted in a job I love so much so I do feel like I have been successful at long last. But with these changes I’ve neglected what I truly have a passion for and that’s this blog and my love for makeup.

Before I had passed my test and had a full time job, I’d spend my free time sat down at my desk experimenting with my (many) makeup products, creating looks and having fun with it. I could plan a blog post and prepare what I needed, I could have the time to review new products, create tutorials and take time to produce the very best posts I could. But life gets in the way and I am so happy with how my life has changed for the better, however I knew something was still missing from being completely content with my life. So this is my pledge to myself, I will get back into something I have been so passionate about for years and I will start to work on this blog more, because if you have dreams and aspirations, never ever give up on them. Life will get in the way and I have benefitted a lot from these changes but I am going to follow my passion for this blog and be apart of the beauty blogging world again. Thankyou so much for sticking by me through these months despite me neglecting this blog, I’ll forever appreciate those who still read my posts and the support I get from friends and family.

Now remember, never ever give up on something you love so much.



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