Turning Up The Heat…

Turning Up The Heat…

As a current makeup obsessor, if I see an advert or an Instagram pic of a new eyeshadow palette or any makeup product for that instance, I will probably without a doubt have it in my basket ready to order within seconds. Now because I do own quite a lot of makeup anyway, once a week on this blog I hope to be able to review one makeup product I have been loving and with the amount of new palettes that have been released recently I have got quite a few to review for you all. By reviewing a makeup product that’s been an Instagram hit, I hope to make the decision easier on whether that palette/lipstick/highlighter is really worth your money!
Now I’m the type of girl who will see a palette with any red, orange and purple tones and you already know i’ll probably be in love with it. I’ll sit myself down and will debate in my head how I should be saving money but how much I do need that palette. Then there’s the dreaded thought of “Treat yo self” which might as well be my life motto. Next thing I know i’ll be writing in my card details and it’ll be ordered, and you better believe I go through that process EVERY single time. So when I was taking a scroll through Instagram one lunch break I came across Urban Decay’s account and their latest release which happened to be the ‘Naked Heat’ palette.

The palette itself has a range of burnt oranges, fiery reds and deep browns so OF COURSE it was a palette I needed to own. I absolutely love urban decay and the colour pay off from most of their products, so I was probably close to bursting with excitement when I purchased this on payday. At £39 you get 12 shadows full of pigment and so easy to blend. However I was disappointed with the shimmer shades in this palette as the matte shades were a dream! I needed to intensify the shimmers by using mac fix + and a few layers on the lid. With a brush I really struggled on picking up the pigment but using my finger I finally got that pigment I was after! So the palette itself is so versatile as you can create a range of looks which is ideal for those who travel and only want to take one palette. The shadows go well together in the terms of the colour scheme and the tones of the palette and the formula again for the Urban Decay palettes are outstanding but those dreamy matte eyeshadows are what made it for me! Below I have included a picture of swatches of the shadows in the palette for you all.


I will soon be adding in a tutorial of this palette so you can all see my favourite look I’ve created using this dreamy palette. So overall is the palette worth the money? Well for me the matte shades were the highlight of the palette and is what makes me love it so much however come on, to complete a look on a night out a girl needs her shimmer to be catching that spotlight right?! I’d say if you’re not that bothered if your shimmer is pigmented or not then this palette is for you and is 100% worth the spend. Plus those fiery warm matte shadows are perfect for the upcoming months so that’s an added bonus!


Talk about turning up the heat Urban Decay!

I shall be returning this week with a more in depth blog post on either my skincare journey (finally) or a more personal topic to do with my lifestyle and recent changes so keep your eyes peeled. Again thank you for reading and i’ll speak soon my lovelies!




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