The Glitter Obsession Continues..

The Glitter Obsession Continues..

So, of course, being the type of girl who is overly obsessed with glitter, I am writing yet another post on one of my favourite glitter brands. Glitter Eyes was one of the first blog posts I launched on my blog just over a year ago and they happen to still be my go-to for top of the range glitters at such amazing value.

I recently have been inspired to make the decision to start to develop my dream to become a makeup artist and to start expanding my kit/portfolio. I absolutely love getting the chance to do makeup for my friends and family especially with the end result,  knowing how confident they can feel with a bit of glitter on the lids or even applying a bit of lippy to complete the look.


To start expanding my kit I needed a lot more versatile products, so coming across brands with good quality products at a reasonable price is one of my main priorities. Glitter Eyes once again just happens to be the one I love the most, so an order was made to create my own custom palette of glitter pans to suit any makeup look, colour or skin tone. On the website I found the individual pressed glitter pans for £5.99-£6.99 each with the choice of an empty magnetic palette that the pans attach to. Below is a picture of the pans in the palette and a preview of the glitters I ordered with the name of each.

After browsing through all the pans I picked 7 of my favourite pans including a variety of classic golds, rose golds and bronzes to a bright red and blue for those special occasion looks I will be creating. I also brought as a treat the glitter eyes advent calendar where I received loose glitters, pigments and some pressed glitters that I have placed in the palette with the ones I chose. Below are swatches of the glitters from the palette along with the glitters I bought myself and didn’t receive in the calendar and how they look under the flash with the under tones. I am so so in love with every one of these glitters and the pigmentation still impresses me every time I use them.

I am always going to be so obsessed with Glitter Eyes, all about that glitter life! So I’m sure there are many girls out there who are just as obsessed as me and knowing that I will forever recommend this brand and these glitters to anyone who asks! So get yourself online to Glitter Eyes and order yourself some glitters girls!

I hope you all don’t get bored of yet another post on this brand and I can’t wait to start posting lots more content so please keep your eyes peeled for more blog posts and a way more active year on this blog!






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