Hi there and welcome to the Beauty and lifestyle blog that is Elle Talks Beauty!

I am an eighteen year old living in the uk, I am a part time student but a full time lover for all things beauty.

I am a self confessed shop addict, tea addict and I also happen to be a Mac lipstick addict! I am very enthusiastic when it comes to taking nap breaks and spending all my wages on the latest bargains or the latest must have in the beauty world. I love blogging and have been following many bloggers and youtubers since a young age, I have taught myself how to create certain looks, how to use certain makeup products and what works for me. I hope to use this blog to create a platform for beauty beginners, other makeup lovers ¬†and people wanting to get into the world of makeup. I wanted to create a blog for people to see honest reviews, tips and tricks i’ve learnt and used myself and easy fun makeup tutorials as that is what got me into the blogisphere. So please drop me a message on any of my social media or email me which can be found on my Contact Page.

Welcome to the life of Elle and her obsession with all things beauty!