A Life Update; What’s Really Been Going On…

So over the past few months a lot of things have happened. Life has got in the way and I’ve forgotten what it was like to have the time to sit, review a product or give a tutorial on a favourite look i’ve created and post it on here. Due to everything being up in the air, changes to my personal life and job I have neglected something I loved so much and was so proud of creating. To finally get back into it will be what matters the most to me, therefore this post is dedicated to explaining why I needed to take a break from blogging and it’d mean the world to me if you could sit down and give my post a read.. View Post

Being an 18 year old girl now, I know us girls go through hell and back on a monthly basis right from a young age of 11-13. This post is going to be a bit different to my usual makeup and beauty posts to give myself bit of a breather from it all to be quite honest. I have been wanting to talk about the problems I have faced through my teenage years, how I coped with them and how I mainly struggled. If you’re a teenager yourself, a pre teen or even in your thirties, whatever your age I know that every girl has experienced something along these lines so please carry on reading below… View Post

Something To Get Excited Over..

Well it’s an exciting time for me and my blog as I can officially say I am an affiliate for some brands which include Feel Unique, Cloud10 beauty and some other brands that I am yet to confirm. I will be including some promotional codes, offers and voucher codes for you all to be able to use when ordering with these brands. View Post

The Blogger Recognition Award…

Can I just say, WOW. I am only in my second week of blogging and to be nominated for The Blogger Recognition Award is unbelievable to me. Cannot thank https://everlastingnikita.wordpress.com/for nominating me enough! Her blog is one to follow for sure, I absolutely love reading her posts!  View Post

A New Beginning

How bad can starting your own blog really be?

Ever since i first came across a video of Zoe Sugg (who many know as Zoella) sat in her bedroom talking about how to do a “messy bun” 3 years ago, View Post