A Look Using The ABH Modern Renaissance Palette…

Happy Easter lovelies even though it was yesterday.. It’s finally bank holiday weekend when I’m writing this which for everyone means a four day weekend and lot’s of lie ins, family time and relaxing! However for me, working in retail means a very busy Saturday in the delightful Bicester Village, and after a busy week working it’s so nice to finally have one day to sit down and write a blog post for you all. I love this palette and this look is perfect for spring so please do carry on reading below!  View Post

Being an 18 year old girl now, I know us girls go through hell and back on a monthly basis right from a young age of 11-13. This post is going to be a bit different to my usual makeup and beauty posts to give myself bit of a breather from it all to be quite honest. I have been wanting to talk about the problems I have faced through my teenage years, how I coped with them and how I mainly struggled. If you’re a teenager yourself, a pre teen or even in your thirties, whatever your age I know that every girl has experienced something along these lines so please carry on reading below… View Post

TOTALLY Obsessed..Current Go To Eyeshadow Palettes..

Month after month there are new products released into the beauty world and I must admit it can get slightly overwhelming. With so many eyeshadow palettes on the market right now it can get hard to know what ones are worth the money and which ones are just a bit ‘meh’. I thought instead of bombarding you all with reviews of brand new products all the time I would write a blog post I know I definitely needed to read before purchasing some palettes. So read on if you want to be in on the secret of what palettes I have been using on a daily basis and what my go to’s really are… View Post

Beauty on Cloud 10..

With loads of Makeup brands, products and services out on the market I really struggle with finding the perfect place to shop for my makeup and skincare essentials. Recently I came across Cloud10 Beauty and discovered another place to shop one of my favourite brands, Morphe! I made an order with some new brushes I have been eyeing up and a palette that is perfect for travelling!

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Look Fantastic: The Elle Edition Beauty Box

Being a full time student and a part time retail assistant running a blog can get pretty expensive, especially with all the latest beauty releases I beg to get my hands on. So imagine paying a small amount each month to receive 6 brand new products worth over £50 in total from just one service? I tried for the first time the Look Fantastic The Elle Edit Beauty Box and I was beyond impressed. View Post